Celebrate National Ice Cream Day With One Of F1's Greatest Moments

Today was National Ice Cream Day, and there was no Formula One racing all day. When the racing stops, that’s the perfect time to get an ice cream—as driver Kimi Räikkönen did during a red flagged race at the 2009 Malaysian Grand Prix.

There was an issue with Räikkönen’s car as well, so he changed out of his racing gear and grabbed a frozen treat.


“What can you do if the team tells you that your car is broken because they have an issue with it? That you cannot race even if I asked that I want to race,” Räikkönen later said of his trip to get ice cream mid-race in a 2012 season review.

“People try to make a lot of bullshit for nothing,” Räikkönen continued. “I mean, it was absolutely normal thing to eat the ice cream.”

Hear, hear. If I’m not racing, I would like some ice cream. What else is there to do?

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