Celebrate 9/19 By Watching The Porsche 919's Fastest Ever Lap Of Le Mans

Photo credit: Porsche
Photo credit: Porsche

Happy 9/19, Jalopnik! If you love Porsches, you may perk up at the sound of several days in September, thanks to Porsche’s 9-themed model names. There’s 9/17! 9/18! And even the humble 9/14! Today, however, belongs to Porsche’s latest Le Mans prototype, which set the qualifying lap record at Le Mans in 2015. Let’s rewatch that epic lap’s onboard, shall we?

In 2015, Neel Jani laid down an insanely quick lap time of 3:16.887 around the famed 8.469-mile Circuit de la Sarthe in qualifying for the 24 Hours of Le Mans. With an average speed of 154.846 mph, watching this onboard view feels like watching the circuit in fast forward.

While this still isn’t the fastest qualifying lap in history, Porsche also holds the all-time qualifying lap record at Le Mans. In 1971, Pedro Rodriguez in a Porsche 917 set the unbeatable lap time of 3:13.190 on the original course, before chicanes slowed down traffic on the Mulsanne Straight, per AutoGuide.

Given that a Porsche 919 won the 6 Hours of Circuit of the Americas on Saturday, though, I think they had a pretty good celebration for 9/17 this year. Have a good 9/19, folks.

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burro president

He was abusing the poop out of the curbs.

I have no pretense of being a racer. So someone please tell me why racers always use the curbs. Is it because it is the straightest line? Is it a means of slowing down without using the brakes? Is it something else? Thanks.