Cecil Kimber Just Pulled a 720 in His Grave: MG's New Backronym

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To be fair, MG isn't an acronym, having originally stood for "Morris Garages," but "backbreviation" is not yet in the regular dork parlance. Regardless, Nanjing just pulled a stupid in retrofitting the age-old brand with the new "Modern Gentleman" marque. British motoring as we know it is truly, truly dead. Help us Charles Morgan, you're our only hope.


MG is Now "Modern Gentleman" [Motorauthority via Autoblog]

Duke Hale Says Never Mind Nanjing, MG to Be Built in the US [Internal]

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When a couple of letters stand for a couple of words, that's an acronym. Don't know what school you geniuses went to. Jerkface(s).

I wouldn't say British motoring is dead. They still have TVR... er... Jaguar? No... Aston Martin? Nope... MG? No... Rover? Whoops... So, what do they have? Oh, right. Tiny track specials like Ariel, Caterham and Radical. Which, while not a bad thing, doesn't really bode so well for British industry.