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Caterham Supercharges The Seven To Attract Clinically Insane Speedfreaks

Illustration for article titled Caterham Supercharges The Seven To Attract Clinically Insane Speedfreaks

The Caterham Seven is one of the purest and most exciting cars on the road. It has most everything you need in a car, and absolutely nothing you don't need.


And now there's a version with a shit ton of powwwwwerrrrrr.

Caterham apparently figured their cars were too tame and said "what the hell, we'll supercharge the Seven." That's just what they did and the Superlight R600 was born. The R600 has 275 horsepower, 200 pound feet of torque, a sequential gearbox, and weighs the same as a small dachshund, or weiner dog, to the layperson.


It runs on slick tires and is basically a track day special. Caterham will have a special one make series for the car next year, which should be good fun for the nutcases at the local psych ward to participate in.

The performance should be staggering, much like the price. It's nearly $74,000 for what is basically a Campbell's Soup can with an engine. We approve.

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KusabiSensei - Captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs

Eh, you could already do this. You just had to do everything yourself; Caterham wouldn't do it for you.

Start with Caterham Classic, add Mazda 13B-REW + gearbox, and you've got practically the same thing. With an added dash of Rotary.

And who doesn't love Rotary?