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Cash For Clunker Engine Disabling Leads To Fire

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Technicians at Castle Ford outside Baltimore, MD were apparently attempting to disable a clunker van's engine, as required by Cash For Clunkers, when the entire van burst into flames, taking down another clunker with it.

As we've seen before, this can bequite the intense process, and the van in question appears to be an older Econoline. From the photos it appears the collateral damage is in the form of the Montero Sport next to it. We're curious if the technicians still have to destroy the engine of the now-torched Montero or if it's going to be covered by insurance.


Steve Travers, the General Manager of Castle Ford, confirmed there was a fire but wouldn't comment any further. We're a little sad he didn't say "our deals are so hot cars are bursting into flames."

Thanks to Notags for grabbing the photos, story!