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CART's Rumble In San Jose: Paul Tracy vs. Alex Tagliani

“You shouldn’t throw stones if you live in a glass house...and if you’ve got a glass jaw you should watch your mouth...”

—Paul Tracy

Words to live by, especially coming from the mouth of a man who just gave a severe head-knocking to a man wearing a CART race helmet. The back story and more detailed footage from the cat fight (rather than the NBC cut-away) after the jump. But before you jump, pay close attention to Tagliani’s puny little voice, we especially love the muffled...


...”fuck” and “piece of shit” coming from his “Stuart Little”-esque voice. It’s adorable! Especially because what basically happened was Tracy cut off Tagliani, and Tagliani got his panties in a bunch cause he got tossed off of the track...well, let’s let autosport tell the story:

The clash was triggered by an on-track accident on lap 52 which eliminated the Team Australia car of Tagliani and the Forsythe Championship Racing entry of Tracy. Tracy rejoined the circuit having gone down an escape road with brake problems on lap 52, but slewed across the track and smashed his and Tagliani’s cars into the wall on the inside. Tagliani drove his wreck back to the pits, and alighted in time to confront Tracy who was also walking beside pitlane. Tracy tried to walk past, but Tagliani, still helmeted, grabbed his compatriot’s overalls and remonstrated with some vigour and lots of swearing. Tagliani eventually quit and carried on walking, but then turned and grabbed Tracy with both hands and forced him to a halt, at which point, Tracy punched Tagliani and forced him to the ground.


Tagliani, Tracy explain pitlane clash (subs. req.) []

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Only a pussy starts a fight with a helmet on. That said, Tracy desereved to get stomped for that move. It wasn't a typical racing move, it was a typical Tracy red mist brain disengagement. If he weren't so fucking thick, he could have had a much better career, and might even have made it to F1. Instead he's losing to Bourdais in a series nobody cares about.