Cars of the Near Future: Lexus Cops to Studying New Model Segments

According to Automotive News, Lexus is studying a few new vehicles to satisfy emerging niches. Those models include a seven-passenger crossover larger than the RX 330, a smaller compact crossover and a unique Lexus hybrid model. AW posits the Lexus's willingness to go on record indicates it could be close to building these cars. The most likely to be first is the large crossover, which would be built on the rear-drive GS platform, and could capitalize on a theme introduced in 2003 with the LF-X concept (pictured). The compact version would compete with Acura's RDX model, but AW says it could be a bigger seller in Europe, where the premium compact SUV market is taking off faster than it is in the US. As for the hybrid, the willingness to create a hybrid-specific model dovetails with Toyota's view that hybrid buyers want exclusivity. That and cool displays of what's happening under the hood.

Detroit Auto Show: Latest Toyota LF-A Concept [internal]


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