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Autoblog Spain put together a montage featuring some of the vehicles in the critically incinerated Michael Bay movie, "Run Ewan, You Fooker, Run" (sorry, "The Island"). The film is set in 2019 โ€” on the last uncontaminated spot on the planet โ€” where 2005 DUB-Edition Dodge Magnums and Chrysler 300Cs share the streets with 2006 Dodge Charger police cruisers (I guess we know who wins the car wars). Alongside these classics exist the more futuristically inclined "space taxis" and apparent Lexus "Minority Report" Edition models (or are those the Audi "I, Robot" Edition? Hmm.) We figured since you weren't going to see it anyway, you might as well check out the cars.

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Los coches de La Isla []

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