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It's been about a month since Carroll Shelby died, but the man who lived fast and sued faster is still in a freezer in a medical examiner's office because of a legal fight over his remains between his "estranged" wife Cleo Shelby and some of his kids.


We have no insight into the actual metaphysical condition of Shelby's soul, other than to say that wherever he might be we hope they put a steering wheel in his hand. Corporeally, though, TMZ is reporting that his body is very much stuck in limbo as his survivors fight over what to do with him.


Cleo reportedly says they were still married and thus she has control even though Shelby filed for divorce in 2010. His offspring say they have a document signed by Shelby giving them the right to manage his remains. It might come down to a petition for annulment filed by Shelby last year which, if granted, will likely settle the issue. (Hat tip to brad442001!)

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