After his dressing like a superhero last week, we wouldn't be surprised if Renault-Nissan's Carlos Ghosn picked up a pimp cane and snapped in a set of diamond teeth to announce he still wants to get it on with a beleaguered US automaker. Perhaps it's Ghosn's experience with a struggling company that has him willing to bet on an American horse. Nissan, on the verge of collapse in 1999, was on the gold-digging end of the relationship when the company partnered with Renault. But since then, both companies have grown while cutting costs. Ghosn says it makes sense to add a large American automaker to his French-Japanese venture to realize additional economies of scale. But don't count on anything in the near term; Ghosn says Nissan must consolidate before any such union will be made. What's more, after talks of an alliance between GM and Nissan fell apart last year, it's now likely down to Ford or Chrysler. [The Detroit Free Press]


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