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CarLashes™ Spread Miles Of Smiles This Holiday Season

Illustration for article titled CarLashes™ Spread Miles Of Smiles This Holiday Season

PARK CITY, Utah, Nov. 1, 2013 — Looking for a whimsical, eye-catching and absolutely unique gift for the driving divas on your list? Car Lashes™ - yes, eyelashes for cars - can make your holiday gift giving a lot more fun this year.


Fun and flirty CarLashes™ are flexible plastic eyelashes that are attached to cars' headlights; starting at just $26.99 per set, they're an adorable, affordable way to spread joy and smiles this holiday season.

CarLashes™ can easily dress-up any car (as well as many motorcycles and scooters) and are the perfect gift for spirited gals of all ages who want to add a little glam - or just plain fun - to their girly rides. CarLashes™ come in chrome, pink and frosted colors, as well as classic black. For those motoring mavens looking for some additional automotive bling, CarLashes™ now makes Crystal Eyeliner - a strip of light- and eye- catching rhinestones, - available in several head-turning colors, which retails for less than $20.


About CarLashes™

Invented by Robert and Dottie Small, husband and wife entrepreneurs whose product development company TurboStyle LLC is based in Park City, Utah, CarLashes™ launched in June 2010 to immediate success. A clever story, "Batting Your CarLashes™", by CNN's Jeannie Moos helped build momentum for the whimsical headlight accessories. CarLashes™ have been featured on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer (CNN), The Rachel Ray Show, The Jay Leno Show, The Steve Harvey Show, and in publications such as Family Circle Magazine and Marie Claire. CarLashes™ products are sold nationwide at AutoZone and Pep Boys stores, and are sold online at, and are distributed in 92 countries. Over 72,000 Facebook fans now follow CarLashes™ and from fan comments like these, it's clear that CarLashes™ simply make people smile:

"I LOVE LOVE my carlashes! Everywhere I go I am noticed! They make people SMILE!!!!"

"I just ordered my 3rd pair of CARLASHES! I love them so much. They put so many smiles on people's faces, especially the kids. Thank you so much for bringing so much joy to peoples lives!"

CarLashes™ USA c/o Turbo Style Products, LLCP.O. Box 683026
Park City, Utah 84068

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