A little bit of advice for any prospective carjackers out there, bring any of the many GPS units we talk about here with you. In addition to impressing potential victims with your foresightedness, it'll also help you avoid the fate of one slow-witted 19-year-old Cleveland man. Having commandeered a vehicle at gunpoint, the young man realized he was lost and had to ask someone for directions. This is bad because you're going to be giving someone else a general idea of where you're going. Second, if you do have to ask for directions it may not be a good idea to ask a television news crew.

Why? Journalists have a keen eye for nuance, so when your hostage hints that he or she may be a hostage they're going to call the police and follow you and then you're going to end up in jail with a $50,000 bond hanging over your head. And that's getting off easy. Imagine what would have happened if he'd have tried to get directions from Carl Monday, who works for the same station. [AP]