Car Wash To GM Owners: Don't Blame Us When Your Crap Breaks

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A Massachusetts car wash sign clearly states they won't assume responsibility for broken factory equipment on GM vehicles because of "overwhelming concerns regarding the engineering." Not only is it hilarious, it's also real. The full story below the jump.

The sign is not a Photoshop chop-job and it still hangs proudly outside All Washed Up in Medway, Massachusetts. According to an employee there, certain late model Chevy and GMC full-size trucks kept losing their folding mirrors and antennae to the washer's brushes.

"They had a defect in their manufacturing and it became such a problem that we posted a sign" the employee told us.


The problem has mostly ceased as GM has, according to the Car Wash, replaced those parts under a partial recall. However, the sign will stay because we're guessing not everyone may have followed through on that recall. Also, although the "overwhelming" concerns about GM's "engineering" may have been addressed, who knows whether the non-overwhelming and even pedestrian concerns with GM "engineering" have been addressed.

[SlowVR6 @ Quattroworld]

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vwminispeedster, pronounded Si-trow-in

Certain new cars, not just GM, are designing the mirrors to break off more easily so that they don't cause further damage to the rest of the door frame. I wonder if this is the beginning of the end of car washes and a resurgence of people caring enough about their car to WASH IT THEMSELVES. Come on America, do we really have to have automatic everything so we can sit on our asses all the while getting fatter, lazier and dumber. Get a hose, a bucket and a sponge and spend some quality time washing your car this summer. You and your car will enjoy it. If not, you don't deserve a nice car and should be forced to drive a camry, in beige.