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Car Thief Gets Parking Ticket, Owner Gets Fine

Illustration for article titled Car Thief Gets Parking Ticket, Owner Gets Fine

A victim of car theft in Washington DC is being pestered by a collection agency to pay up on an 18-month-old parking ticket written while the car was on it's leave of absence from its rightful owner. Steve Steinberg has vowed never to pay the $205 fine and is wondering why the car didn't come up as stolen when the ticket was being written — a fair question if you ask us. Of course the local officials are blaming the fine on Steinberg's lack of action on the ticket, but of course that doesn't stand up when the old boy waves a fist full of letters he sent to the DMV on the subject. [WUSA9]


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I got into an argument with the city of San Diego when my girlfriend at the time (turned wife, turned ex-wife) received a parking ticket in the mail for a car she had sold months prior.

She had turned in the release of liability to the DMV but according to the sassy sister working for the city, it didn't matter. I thought that was the whole point of the release of liability?!

I eventually had to make a scene to make sure they cleared it up that instant. Luckily I showed up just before closing time, and the manager wanted to go home and wisely decided to drop the ticket.