Car theft foiled as owner rolls up on stolen car at stoplight

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"I'm gonna git you sucka," is the first thing Ben Gaskill thought when he realized the car in front of him at a red light was his wife's 2005 Hyundai, reported stolen from the couple's driveway just days before.


Gaskill and his wife had just returned from a weekend away, when they noticed their Hyundai Sonata was gone. Someone had broken into their house and stolen a spare set of keys. But just a day later, as he was making a hardware-store run, Gaskill rolled right up on the car at a stoplight. He called 911 and waited until deputies arrived and arrested three 17-year-olds and a 16-year-old. They also found marijuana in the car.

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since assault on a minor is a more serious crime than assault on someone of age and lets face who the hell wants an 05 hyundai back anyway, i think if it were me i would have done the following:

once realizing that the car in front of me is my car being driven by some asshole thieves, who i would assume are not wearing seatbelts. i woulda passed them waited until we were going about 30ish and then slammed on my brakes. have a nice trip through the windshield! and please, if you are going to reply and call me a dick for not caring about well being of thieves, save it. i am a dick when it comes to that sort of stuff and no argument will convince me that its a bad idea.

although calling the police while following the car and knowing that its about to get pulled over would be very satisfying