Car Stereo Installer Must Be On Crack, Reports Customer For Being Same

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Now let's say you're a car stereo installer in scenic Frederick, MD. We're going to go out on a limb and assume that your customer base is more than likely composed of 20-year-olds with chin strap beards and Pontiac G5s. Probably the kind of low-level drug dealers with just enough cash to afford a 20" subwoofer, but not to pay child support on their three kids. Would you alienate your entire demographic by calling the cops if you found a stash of drugs in a car you were working on? Although we wouldn't, we also realized 10 years ago baggy jeans and oversized wifebeaters weren't fashionable.

Unfortunately, we didn't install Kevin Doyle's stereo. Whoever did, found a stash of crack and called the cops. Upon returning to the car stereo / gold jewelry retail location, K-Doyle was detained by the police, who then found more crack in his pockets. K-Doy now faces charges for possession of and intent to distribute the drug. The only thing that surprised us more than the decision to turn the guy in was that there wasn't home-brew meth found as well. [via WJZ]

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LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

Let me get this straight...

When you say crack in the US. Are you refering to meth, coke or both?

What about in the UK. I heard they call heroin 'crack' when they smoke it ala Pete Doherty is this true.

Inquiring druggie want to know...

...and before you brow-beat me on what a bad person I am for my drug use. I pay my taxes, work, I'm a productive part of the community and I don't bash old ladies for money. So fuck off puritan.

I like my alcohol as much as other drugs (weed & LSD, mmm).