Car Enthusiast Buried Under BMW Tombstone

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Englishman "BMW Steve" was given the ultimate tombstone by his family: a replica of his beloved BMW M3 convertible. Hewn from solid granite, the 2,200-pound car is actually lighter than the real thing.


The M3 is causing a bit of controversy, with Audi fans non-car people complaining that the tombstone is tacky, detracting from the solemn nature of the cemetery. Designed by an English stonemason, but carved in China and shipped to London, the whole thing cost about $75,000 — roughly the same price as an M3 convertible in England.

"He was a car enthusiast all his life, he loved cars from a child," Steve's daughter told the Daily Mail. "When Mum was in labour with me, my Dad was outside fixing the nurse's car and got a page when it was time to come inside. He always drove BMWs, we've all got them. We couldn't just give him a normal headstone."


Installed on the first anniversary of BMW Steve's death, a parking ticket was placed on the M3's windscreen as a joke during the service. [via The Daily Mail]

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It would be interesting to hear the story behind this tombstone, I think. Maybe.