If you ever thought that no good could come of a rap song that repeats itself so many times you lose count, you were definitely wrong.

As Jalopnik readers, we know that you all appreciate car owning and the things that go along with it. Watching the owner of a Kansas used-car dealership dance to ā€œWatch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)ā€ in his commercial could make you appreciate it even moreā€”in potentially the most painfully awkward way ever.

Owner and dancer Jeff Horning told The Wichita Eagle that his whole staff ā€œstarted dying laughingā€ as they watched the commercial go from professional advertisement to, well... a unique take on the dance seen below.

If I had to guess, Iā€™d say that more than just the staff died laughing while watching this. To be honest, the only place Iā€™ve ever whipped or nae naeā€™d is in my own living room (and thatā€™s probably where this guy should stick to doing it, too).

Regardless, he is brave. Just go ahead at skip to :17 to have your day made.

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