Two years ago Joleen Baughman was in a car crash and damaged a nerve in her pelvis, one which acts as a floodgate for sexual arousal, since then she's been constantly turned on with no relief in sight.

Her husband might call it the greatest car crash in the history of the world, but the condition has left Joleen frustrated and constantly embarrassed. Known as Persistent Sexual Arousal, her affliction occurred when she was involved in a relatively minor crash in her Dodge Ram and during the accident a pelvic nerve was damaged.


It has left Joleen constantly craving sex to the point where multiple rounds with her husband only leave her unsatisfied (sorry Joleen's husband). No matter what she tries, the cravings don't subside, making life a little unbearable at times. This is one of those rare cases of a gift horse having a mouth full of bad teeth. []