Car And Driver Editor Csaba Csere Deflates Obama's Tires, Huffs McCain's Tailpipe

Car und Driver Editor-und-Chief Csaba Csere spent a few moments in front of the camera yesterday rebutting the hot political non-issue of "tire pressure" fuel savings. Let's be clear here, we happen to agree with Csaba that Obama's numbers may not be fully accurate. But interjecting and glossing over ANWR without discussion while trying to "deflate Obama's tire pressure theory," is the kind of equal-handedness that makes us think Csaba should stick to the manual print press and stay out of the national energy debate. But, if Csaba wants to get into the ring, then by all means. In fact, we've got a question for him. Considering the U.S. Energy Information Administration tells us "the main impact...on the amount of oil actually recovered from ANWR is likely to occur after 2030...", will his magazine still be in print when all that gasoline finally gets to the market? While we wait patiently for an answer, hit the jump to see Csaba in action.


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