Capture A New Fox Mustang For Just $4342!

Laugh away, but putting the Mustang on the new Fox Ford platform for the '79 model year de-Pinto-ized the car and made it possible to say the words "Mustang" and "performance" in the same sentence without giggling. But I gotta be honest here, the song in this ad drove both me and Señor Johnson crazy...

So you can see the kind of brilliant repartee that takes place behind the scenes, I'm including the transcript of the painstaking research we performed, in hopes that I might include a witty reference to the song in the post about the Mustang ad above. Sadly, we're forced to deprive you of said witty reference this time around:

[00:09] Murilee Martin: Hey, I need to identify a cheezball 70s rock song I've heard a million times, but can't recall the perpetrator
[00:09] Murilee Martin: it is Steve Miller? Shit, I've heard it so goddamn many times
[00:09] Murilee Martin: Peter Frampton... no...
[00:10] Davey G: Oh shit.
[00:10] Murilee Martin: Who is it?
[00:10] Murilee Martin: Goddamn it!
[00:11] Murilee Martin: It's driving me crazy
[00:11] Davey G: God, Frampton and Miller are both good guesses.
[00:11] Murilee Martin: Come on, it's one of the all-time 70s anthems
[00:11] Davey G: Now it's driving me crazy!
[00:11] Murilee Martin: It's not "Free Ride" though it sounds similar
[00:12] Davey G: Fuck, I simply can't remember.
[00:12] Murilee Martin: Hey, I'll just copy/paste our conversation on the subject
[00:12] Murilee Martin: we can get the readers to ID it
[00:12] Davey G: Totally!

So there you go, all-knowing readers. Tell us the name and artist of the song in this ad, a song we've heard so many times its notes are permanently seared into our gray matter, so that we may recover our sanity.

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Takes me right back to the AM radio in my mom's '70 Plymouth Suburban...

Time hasn't improved this one. Did any other '70s musician have a string of big hits that sucked more than Steve?

However, where I live, one of the banks is using a snippet of Supertramp's "Goodbye Stranger" in their ads, and I hereby nominate them as the Worst Band of All Time.