Capristo Shows Us What 80 Stallions In One Place Looks Like

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Ferrari exhaust tuner Capristo invited as many German Ferrari owners they could find (one or two even fitted with Capristo-built aftermarket exhausts) last Saturday to Sundern, Germany. Over 80 prancing stallions from Maranello responded to the call. Gallery below.


See if you can play spot the Fiat in the gallery above.

Capristo Exhaust Systems GmbH - Capristo Day 2009

More then 80 Ferrari-driver from all over Germany arrived on Saturday 12 September in Sundern to rev up their engines. But not only bolides from Maranello came to meet in Sundern a few Lamborghini and Maserati were seen as well. The invitation came from Antonio Capristo, owner of the worldwide known company Capristo Exhaust Systems GmbH, where customized exhaust systems for sports cars are produced.

For about 7 years Capristo Exhaust Systems GmbH produces superlative exhaust systems and muffler. Everything is developed in the in-house technology centre. The sport exhaust systems are produced under strict exhaust, quality and safety regulations and are made of the finest high-grade steel (heat-proof - high-grade steel T309). They are also known for their fitting accuracy, sound and the excellent visual appearance. This do the Ferrari driver know very well! A remote control also belongs to the formula for success of Antonio Capristo. After having programmed the exhaust system, the remote control operates and changes the sound of it while driving.

Already around lunchtime the "Ferraristi" met on the premises of Capristo in der Kalmecke 5 in 59846 Sundern, Germany. But also a lot of people came to see the motorcade from Capristo Exhaust Systems GmbH through the city of Sundern.

At first the sports cars gathered at the town hall, where the mayor Friedhelm Wolf and pastor Michael Schmitt greeted the guests in front of the town hall. All sports car fans had the chance to peer the noble sports cars. Almost all models Ferrari ever built were there to be admired. After that they went towards Schirigswalder Platz respectively to Absolu Concept, a noble furniture store, where the "Ferraristi" received little refreshments.

In the late afternoon they went towards Langenscheid. There was a boats trip on the Sorpesee on the programme. At 9 p.m. a show with Italian music and dancer was presented on the Seebühne. The dancer arrived specially from Italy for this event. As good-bye there were fantastic fireworks above the Sorpesee.

[Capristo via WCF]



Despite a relative lack of performance, I still lust after a 308/328 GTS. Perhaps, it stems from how iconic it was as an exotic car in my formative years. Perhaps, it is a carrot hanging tantalizingly close to the range of affordability. It could also be the images of a twenty-something Christie Brinkley etched into my mind all those years ago.

Or I could just have a subconsious desire to grow a moustache and don a Hawaiian shirt.