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Canyon Carving Hooligans Get The Ultimate Reaction Time Test

BMW drivers parking like asshats is nothing new. But BMW drivers parking in the middle of the damn road makes for a perfect "Oh Shit!" storm for a rider and his Ariel Atom cohort.


The road and speed limit of this particular stretch of asphalt are unknown, and it appears the riders are taking full advantage of every corner. And when I say riders, I mean one guy on a bike followed closely by the closest thing you can get to a bike on four wheels: an Ariel Atom.

When said riders are faced with a stalled sedan, each must choose an equally perilous path. Do you risk crossing the yellow line and face potential oncoming traffic, or venture off road and watch the wheel of your Ariel Atom slip dangerously close to plunging off a cliff?


While it might be easy to judge the BMW operator for leaving his sedan stopped in the middle of the road, lets not rule out the possibility that it could've been an elderly citizen in need of a good samaritan to attend to their broken down 5 series. Or a middle managing financial consultant suffering a severe attack of cardiac arrest due extreme stress from trying to meet his monthly quota. Or maybe the view was just particularly nice.

But none of this matters.

While both pilots seem competent, the riding/driving wasn't overtly ridiculous, and their reaction times were solid, an easier solution to avoid this life or death dilemma is simple: track day bro.

Nevertheless, it was a sensational save and a ridiculous place for a car to stop.

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3 idiots. "I can't believe you were parked in the middle of the road and I almost hit you because I was going way to fast to stop around a blind turn." So much fault to be had, enough for everyone. Dude's an ass for stopping and not pulling over out of the road but what if the car had been crashed there. They'd still have put them selves in a dangerous situation. You can ride at the limit of traction/your bike/your skill but if you ride past your sight you ride past logic and the only thing deciding if you live or die is luck not skill. Also, whats with the leg off at 15 sec in? Couldn't control the bike so he had to do that to miss a bush? Anyone else put their leg out in the air to steer? I'm really confused by that move.