Can't Blame This Car For Driving Into The Pool

(Images via Yishay)

A car called a Suzuki Splash drove into a pool. Is that what’s called “irony” or just a live-action pun?

Surely we’ve all fantasized about crashing a car into a pool, but I guess if you’re going through with it you couldn’t have a better choice of vehicle. The thing is even pool-water colored! I’m amazed it managed to stay out of pools for as long as it did.


These images came to us from a reader in Israel, who simply said, it “made a splash.” Looks like somebody, presumably the driver, received medical treatment as a result of the incident.


A post on Reddit says the car was being driven by a newspaper delivery person and the pool belongs to a subscriber. Maybe this is some kind of viral marketing campaign for the paper. Or Suzuki. (I doubt it.)


At least the rescue would have been easier than if the car had gone into a murky lake or the ocean. As for how the Splash actually ended up in the pool, besides succumbing to an instinctual calling, I can only imagine that somebody mixed up the gas and brake. Or put the car in drive instead of reverse.


Hat tip to Yishay!

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