Cannonball Bandits "Escalade" Gets Black Flag, Tiger's "Girlfriends" Enraged!

With Prickstine, the Bavarian Ranchero, and so many other twistedly great cars at the Goin' For Broken LeMons, it takes something special to stand out from the crowd... which is exactly what the Cannonball Bandits are doing right now.


Remember the Toyota Corolla FX16 Wienermobile from Sears Pointless? Yes, that same bunch of crazies has put together the Tiger Woods Escalade (OK, fine, it's not really an Escalade). While most teams would be content to set up the mannequins and golf clubs and leave it at that— after all, the Elin-beating-Tiger display looked spectacular on the track— but not the Cannonball Bandits. Oh no. The entire team has dressed up as Tiger's many girlfriends, and they're staying in the costumes all weekend. When the Escalade heads to the penalty box or the gas pumps, so do the girlfriends... and they're Not Happy with Tiger. Check it out:

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