We saw some great stuff at yesterday's Sears Pointless LeMons BS Inspection, including a Citroƫn DS and a bunch of don't-try-this-at-home V8 swaps, but the NASCAR Meyer Wienermobile Corolla may have made the strongest impression on us.

Last time we saw this car, it was decked out in Cannonball Run Ambulance colors. Problem was, they're not the first Cannonball Ambulance, and what does a Corolla have to do with a 70s movie ambulance anyway?

When we arrived at the track yesterday morning, we couldn't quite figure out why the team had a dude welding a frame inside a weird bondo-and-cardboard contraption on the roof of the car, but it all became clear when we saw the "buns" nearby. Hooray for last-minute theme improvements!


The team was able to whip up some pretty good wiener-esque costumes to go with the car.


Some late-night fine tuning of the steel wiener-structure was in order, but we expect to see this thing out there on the track later this morning. Yeah, we're already lowering Infineon Raceway's property values. Good work, NASCAR Meyer!