Cancer Patient Loses Her Driveway In Tax Dispute

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A 72-year-old woman in Redding, Connecticut has to walk through the woods to get to chemotherapy sessions after the two acres containing her driveway were seized in a tax dispute and sold to someone who immediately blocked off access.

The local news report is unfortunately vague about the kind of problems Lisa Lind-Larsen's in, calling it a "complicated tax dispute with the Town of Redding." The bottom line is two of her 8.5 acres were foreclosed upon and sold to Daniel Torcio. Those are the two acres with her driveway and he's put up a chain, rocks, and dug a trench to stop anyone from driving on it.


Now her house is inaccessible, which means she's got to walk through the woods to a neighbors to get to her chemotherapy and radiation sessions and can't get deliveries of hay for her horses. The town's answer is to tell her to build a driveway to another road, but we're guessing she's a bit cash-strapped

The courts will rule, eventually, on whether or not it's legal to block access to her residence. In the meantime, she's little red riding hood. [WTNH]

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