A man from the Canadian city-to-the-south-of-Detroit, Windsor, Ontario, is miffed at Chrysler (or more likely Chrysler Financial Canada) for losing a data tape and potentially making the possibility of identity theft happen sooner rather than later. Seems a tape containing the names, addresses and Social Insurance Numbers of some Canuckian Chrysler lessees was lost in transport by UPS. The carrier informed Chrysler of the loss by March 12th, and in turn, letters to folks with compromised identities were sent by March 27th. This chap from Windsor didn't get his note till April 21st and it's rubbing him the wrong way.

We're kind of on the fence with this one. Sure the possibility of identity theft is annoying and who hasn't had to deal with a compromised credit card these days, but is this really something to get your panties in a bunch over? First, a data tape was lost. Data, tape. Those with the wherewithal to read them these days probably aren't in the business of trafficking in stolen or lost UPS packages. No, they're too busy running server farms, reading about the latest in iPhone news on Gizmodo and filling out TPS reports in their cubicles. Second, blame Canada blame the Canadian mail system over Chrysler for the slow letter delivery. And if you still want to get in Chrysler's face about something, beat on them about the Sebring. [Windsor Star]