Canadian Cabinet Members Forced To Give Back Vehicles, Thanks To One Teenage Hoon

The cabinet ministers in Nova Scotia will no longer be allowed to cruise around in government-paid vehicles after one teenage son of a cabinet minister crashed a 2008 Ford Escape hybrid likely doing something very un-green-like. It turned into a bit of a messy he-said she-said as the cabinet member, Judy Streatch, said she was given verbal permission to allow her son to drive the vehicle, but not written permission, which was previously required by the cabinet.

Thanks to this hoon son, who put the Escape in a ditch on the way to "get ice cream," cabinet ministers will have to buy their own vehicles, but still be allowed to claim mileage when using the vehicle for government purposes only. Take that, Canada! Now if only we can get Rep. Slaughter to give back her Lucerne. (h/t Acidic)[CBC]


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