Can You Identify This Mystery Car?

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The reader who sent in the shots of this lil' yellow devil suggests that we do a "Guess This Car" quiz. So take your best shot at identifying this machine, then make the jump to check your answer.


Yes, it's a Matra M530. If you got this one right, you probably spend way too much time obsessing over off-brand European machinery. Don't worry, that's a good thing!

since Jalopnik readers seem to enjoy odd french cars,i stumbled upon this one last weekend.
In a Paris parking garage i saw this Matra M530.
I had never seen one in RL so i had to look some things up.
They were made from 1968 till 1973 .and came with a Ford Taunus 1700 cc 4 cyl engine.
here's some basic info.
to me,it looks like the ugly nephew from the Matra Djet

Too bad i couldn't make some pictures from a larger distance.
I did the best i could.
you could make it a ' guess the car' quiz?

a big fan of your jalopnik features DOTS an PCH.
WaffleChocolatBeer ( yes i'm belgian,not french)

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Jonathan Harper

It's got that same wacky rear wheel-looking-too-far-back thing that the Citroen DS has.

I knew it!!!! (was french)