As you sit in traffic on your way to or from work, you just know the person who just flew by on a bicycle is smug. And now, a Bangkok-based design firm wants to make riders even more smug with a bicycle that actually cleans the air too.

The creative director of Lightfog Creative & Design told Fast CoExist that this electric bicycle uses photosynthesis, like plants apparently do. The idea would be a big filter between the handlebars and immediately behind buses and trucks spewing fumes or other foul odors. Those smells would be absorbed by a filter that then sends the clean air to waft around you.

It's just like having a big air purifier on your bicycle. And makes about as much sense.

There are some bigger problems. First of all, it doesn't actually exist yet. And how much air you'd actually be improving at city speeds hasn't been figured out.

And if you're going to ride around with something like this, I think it needs an energy monitor like that of a lot of hybrids and electrics that shows just how environmentally friendly you're being and just how smug you can be to the black Chevy Suburban next to you.


Photo: Lightfog