People talk way more smack about the 996 generation of Porsche 911 than they should. Sure, it's kind of ugly. And large. And it represented the biggest break from tradition the brand has ever seen. But it could certainly perform, especially in 911 GT3 guise. The question is: Can the new Porsche Cayman GTS do it better?


That is the question the staff at Evo attempt to answer in this latest track battle video. In one corner, they have the new 340 horsepower Cayman GTS, the ultimate evolution of Porsche's most balanced car.


In the other, they step back in time with 2003 911 GT3, a track-optimized reader's car with 375 horsepower. It's got more power, but it's heavier and it's older.

What makes this battle interesting — to me at least — is these days, you can get yourself an old 911 GT3 for about as much as a new Cayman. So which way do you go? This video may help you decide. Or, after seeing the results, maybe not.

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