Perhaps attempting Kissingeresque détente in Muscle Car Wars, this modeler has combined the latest generation of Mustang, Camaro and Challenger to create the Camustenger... Muchallaro... Challustangero.

It's an interesting design with clever, careful execution. We'll let Robert D. explain how it came together.

Flashback; Designed by Committee

Three, count 'em...Three! Three pony cars in one! 

Introducing the 2010 Flashback. 

Part Challenger, part Camaro, part Mustang. Four months from idea to execution. Bodywork was fairly straightforward, my biggest hurdles were from repainting it at the end from an accidental splashing of clear lacquer on the nearly-complete model.

The basics: body/interior/chassis (no wheelbase changes) from AMT Camaro concept, hood/fascia from AMT Challenger, tail end from a Revell Mustang GT. Wheels are modified Maisto Mustang GT wheels, paint is Testors Grabber Orange w/satin black accents.

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