Camry Unintendedly Accelerates Into Auto Part Store Wall

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A runaway Toyota Camry smashed through the wall of an Advance Auto Parts in Shreveport, Louisiana yesterday nearly taking out Corvette owner. His harrowing report of nearly being maimed by beige below.

I was nearly crushed by a runaway Toyota today while at the auto parts store. It came crashing through the storefront and chased me to the back of the aisle while the shelving closed in behind me. I still have glass in my hair and shoes. It was right out of a movie. The adrenaline flowed like it never has before. Now I know how those dudes feel who get chased by a friggin bear. Ate a big ass steak and hugged my kid and I am very happy to still have my legs. News said throttle stuck and the driver was not cited.


Right on. He shared this story with his fellow forum members at Corvette Forum. The video of the aftermath states the driver of the Camry claims there was an unintentional acceleration issue. Of course, that's what they always claim.
Click to view(Hat tip to g9m3c, who works at a different Advance Auto Parts store and wishes someone would crash through his window to break up the monotony!)

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87CapriceEstate feeling the winds of change

One Auto parts store near me has bollards in front of the glass part, but this store did not. At the other store there is at about 30 or so feet and two layers of doors between the parking lot and the cash register. The other parking lot has a cement block wall to go through.

If this happened to me I may loose common sense and rip the driver a new asshole in my fits of rage. Anybody else hate being mowed down by vehicles?