Cameraman Sorry For Failing To Protect Camera From Lewis Hamilton

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As Travis so perfectly illustrated in his Hater's Guide to Lewis Hamilton, nothing is ever the Mercedes driver's fault. Ever. Even when he apparently destroys camera equipment while riding a jet ski.


The F1 Times has a story that "clarifies exactly what happened" when Hamilton and Nico Rosberg were out jet-skiing around Monaco not too long ago. Reports said that Hamilton decided to "prank" a group of Sky TV cameramen by splashing them with a wake from his jet ski, apparently causing some $120,000 in damage.


But according to the Times, Mercedes had this to say about the incident:

"One photographer who failed to protect his camera equipment got some water inside it. But not specifically from something Lewis did. As he is a freelancer, we will make the goodwill gesture of helping to repair/replace the equipment."

That's right — he failed to protect his camera equipment. Maybe it was from something Hamilton did, maybe not. At least Mercedes is fixing it, which is pretty stand up of them.

Either way, once again, not Hamilton's fault. Isn't it funny how that works?

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Freelancer with a $120,000 camera, what the jezoobus?

Other than that, each and every day I like him less and less. The helmet didn't help either, while others had something related to cool people or nice stuff like pin-up tits, he has himself..