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The Weather Channel—that predictable background noise for annoying places like the airport—keeps trying to branch out into new, exciting, clickable territory. This morning, it would have been live streaming the highly clickable demolition of the Georgia Dome if a pesky MARTA city bus didn’t get in the way.

The Weather Channel cameraman absolutely loses it as the bus pulls up right in time for the main demolition show. Here’s a rough transcript, as quoted from the YouTube clip above:

Bastards! Bus!

Jesus, get out of the way bus!

Are you...



What the...

God dammit. Damn lady!

You can watch the Weather Channel’s full live stream on Facebook here, where the sweet city bus action obscures the demolition everyone had hoped to see just after the 36-minute mark.


That’s right: the stream ran for just over 40 minutes only to have the money shot obscured by a bus.

The Georgia Dome was in use for 25 years, and was the only facility to ever host the Super Bowl, the Olympics and the Final Four. Perhaps this poor cameraman will get a second shot, as parts of the structure remained upright after the blast, CNN reports. A new Mercedes-Benz Stadium just opened nextdoor, and the old Georgia Dome site will be used for a hotel, more parking and green space.


Here’s what it looked like from an Associated Press video that actually caught the explosion instead of a routine bus stop:

UPDATE [2:35 p.m. ET]: It appears as though the Weather Channel deleted their livestream, but owned up to the snafu with an edited version of the “Georgia Dome Photobomb” here.

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