Camaro Z28 Canceled, Convertible Further Delayed

We've reported on the shelving of the Camaro convertible, but news has emerged the high-horsepower Camaro Z28 variant has been outright killed by the Carpocalypse and GM belt-tightening.


Paul Eisenstein at The Detroit Bureau is reporting GM is shelving plans for a 570 HP Camaro Z28. The reason? It would be prohibitively expensive for GM at this time. With a program price around $50 million, the Z28 got the axe in favor of other efforts.

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The bad news continues as the convertible, which was previously delayed a year, faces the collapse of the German supplier providing its convertible top. The unnamed source within GM went on to note, despite the bad news, there's still a desire by the program groups to build both of these cars; but it'll take significant engineering finagling to bring them to market for the right price. [The Detroit Bureau]

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