Camaro Dumped In Oakland Like An Unwanted Water Heater

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Sandwiched between an asphalt plant and a huge yard used for storage of shipping containers from the nearby Port of Oakland, this road is a good shortcut to get to one of my favorite East Oakland junkyards. It's also a popular spot for illegal nighttime dumping, with heaps of dead refrigerators, concrete chunks, etc. often clogging the shoulders. Every so often you get a parts car that's been relieved of its worthwhile components and dumped here, and the latest such car is an '82 or '83 Z28 Camaro. There was a time when I'd have stopped and grabbed some parts myself (there's always something useful on such a car), but these days space restrictions force me to maintain a very selective parts hoard. Can you feel the Late Malaise spirit? Make the jump for an additional gallery.

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TexanIdiot25- needs moar horse powah

They will be classics in time. When the 2nd gen becomes too expensive (like the 67-69 has recently, their getting really hard to find cheap), these will boost. I have a real POS, a '90 Firebird V6, 140 hp of all mighty furry!!!! Despite the total lack of power (barely edging out Civics), the car is a lot of fun to drive in the back roads.

The Firebird Formula was the best 3rd gen of them all. 200-300 lbs lighter then any of the other V8 powered third gens, came standard with Pontiac's WS6 suspension, and a LSD. But, came with the same engine and drivetrain options as the T/A and GTA brothers. And, since they shared looks with the base Firebird, they were cheaper on insurance by a bit because of the sleeper looks.

So in short; sleeper looks, less weight, better handling, and that new found power once GM started to really work that later TPI.