"Camaro" clocked at 157 mph by "police radar"

Just what do we have here? We've got a civvie-spec Ford Crown Vic, a Galveston County, Texas police scanner, a dash-mounted speed gun, a guy with a dubious cop voice and a car clocked at 157 mph. Damn right, gentlemen.

Damn us and our jaded souls, but we'd have to call this as fake unless some Texas cop deigns to confess to off-duty shenanigans. According to the Federal Communications Commission, under regulation Part 90, a civilian can possess a radar gun assuming that the person has a valid reason for measuring moving speeds of objects — like baseballs and stuff. We'll go ahead and say this stretches the "valid reason" part, so Stevie71459 (interesting Louisiana zip code you've got there, Stevie) may soon be getting a call from the real po-po. (Thanks to Josh for the tip!)

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radar gun 79.99


police scanner 149.99


jalopnik punked priceless.