Callaway Reveals Speedster: Latest Corvette C16

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If you're planning a junket to Pebble Beach for the Concours d'Elegance next month, pack your seersucker fedora and don't forget to stop by Callaway's tent. That's where the longtime 'Vette tuning shop and coachbuilding house of late is rolling out the latest and flagship model in its line of reskinned Corvettes. It's the C16 Speedster, a take on the short-windshield roadster construct introduced in 1954 with the Porsche 356 Speedster and a throwback to the 1990 Callaway Speedster. A supercharged, intercooled 6.2-liter V8 produces 700 horsepower and 660lb-ft of torque, and Callaway's touting a v-max number in the 250 mph range. The Speedster also introduces a new, customizable suspension setup that uses Eibach coilovers. But before you hike up your skivvies and start writing a check, make sure you've got at least $305,000 in your piggy bank.


Press Release:


Flagship Model in C16 Line Offers High-Speed Motoring in its Purest Form, Features Jet-Fighter Styling, 700HP Hand-Built Powerplant, Unrivaled Exclusivity

OLD LYME, CONNECTICUT (July 23, 2007) - Callaway Cars today announced it will unveil the C16 Speedster, the third and flagship model in the C16 lineup, on the concept lawn at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, August 19, 2007.

The made-to-order C16 Speedster represents a pinnacle in American supercar design. The supercharged and intercooled 700 horsepower Callaway exotic produces class leading power, a topless cockpit with twin wind deflectors and extended headrests, exquisite bodywork and race-inspired chassis tuning. Much like its spiritual predecessors, the 1990 Callaway Speedster and 1998 C12 Speedster, the latest C16 Speedster offers a visceral open air driving experience unlike any other.

"This is Callaway Cars' most exquisite vehicle to date," said company founder Reeves Callaway. "The C16 Speedster marks our 20thanniversary with Corvette and 30th year in business, and having this statement of our passion for the automobile featured on the concept lawn at Pebble Beach is a high water mark for us."

The C16 Speedster was penned and modeled by Paul Deutschman, architect of the "Callaway look" and designer of the original 1990 Callaway Speedster. Every body panel has been redesigned to speak to style and aerodynamics, and a hand-tooled German leather interior adds exclusivity. Door sills, the steering wheel and dash area all carry signature Callaway badging. Each Speedster is tailored to the buyer's specifications, including interior and exterior colors and a personalized build plate.

Underneath the car's stunning bodywork lies the heart of a racecar. The Callaway supercharged, intercooled, 6.2L all-alloy hand-built powerplant produces 700hp and 660lb-ft of torque, propelling the Speedster from 0 to 60 in an estimated 3.2 seconds. Maximum velocity of the C16 Speedster is over 210 mph.

Overall handling and road feel is transmitted by a newly developed Callaway/Eibach Multi-Pro coil-over suspension system. This joint development effort produced an advanced spring/damper system, featuring 10-position compression and rebound adjustability, allowing the driver to customize settings for specific road conditions.

A unique element the Speedster shares with its C16 siblings - Coupe and Cabrio - are Callaway/Dymag Carbon wheels that weigh approximately 40-percent less than the lightest aluminum wheels, significantly reducing unsprung weight for improved acceleration, cornering and braking. These TUV- and DOT-tested wheels feature forged magnesium spiders surrounded by carbon fiber rims and measure 19" x 10" front and 20" x 13" rear. Residing behind the wheels is a Callaway / StopTech brake system, which utilizes 6-piston front and 4-piston rear calipers gripping 355mm x 32 mm rotors.

The Callaway C16 Speedster will be available for purchase in the Fall of 2007 and starts at $305,000 USD. Speedster No.1 of the series will be delivered to its new owner at Pebble Beach.


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I've never been a fan of Calloway vettes. Maybe, it just because I've never understood paying so god damn much for a slightly faster, slightly better handling, and much more ugly vette than stock.

And yes, not only does does the front look like a concord, but the emblem sure helps with its resemblance to the chrysler winged emblem.