California's HOV Program Closed, Ed Begley Jr. To Cut A Bitch

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Not to harsh your buzz on this most excellent Presidents Day, but California has announced it has passed out its last "diamond lane" pass to a hybrid owner. The plan, which was designed to encourage people to buy hybrids, resulted in 85,000 hybrid owners having solo access to the carpool lane. While the number of registered hybrid cars in California has jumped to 135,000, which is good, the carpool lanes are now getting crowded, which is bad. If you just bought a hybrid you may not be able to use the carpool lane alone, but you'll still have access to high MPG and an even higher feeling of self-righteousness.


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Unless you have some kind of point A to point B kind of commute that doesn't involve any kind of stopping, then a diesel VW might be a better choice. Make sure there's at least two VW repair shops along the way, because you'll be stopping to get it repaired more than you'll be stopping for diesel.

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