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California Highway Patrol Orders 200 Porsche Boxsters

This image was lost some time after publication.
This image was lost some time after publication.

The California Highway Patrol is weaning itself off its fleet of now-discontinued Chevrolet Camaro pursuit cars, switching to new Porsche 987 Boxsters. As a spokesman for the CHP bizarrely put it, "The Camaros were at the end of their useful life, and were never able to be used fully given that CHP officers are prohibited from wearing mullets while on duty." (Apparently, droll humor isn't unlearned during baton-fighting exersizes.) An initial order for 200 Porsche Boxsters will be fulfilled by the end of 2005, with the majority of units being placed in service in high-enforcement areas, like Irwindale. (PS: Check out those Brembos! These guys mean business.) [Update: Man, we're dumb. We so wanted to believe that this was true, that we got burned. Apparently Mr. Nowwegotcha has a better sense of humor than we thought. The mullet joke was too good to be true. Yeesch. The photo is of the CHP's show car, likely taken at the 2005 Palo Alto Concours d'Elegance.]


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