California finally frees Ford Boss Mustang Trackey

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Last month, we told you how Ford's Trackey setup for the Mustang Boss 302 had been waylaid by California environmental regulators. Suddenly, the skies have cleared, and Ford will announce a release date next month at SEMA.


The Trackey setup, which changes more than 200 engine parameters to transform the Boss into a track monster, had been delayed due to back-and-forth between Ford and the California Air Resources Board. But in a message to Mustang Boss fans, Ford said the tests had been completed, and it would reveal when the Trackey setup would be made available through dealers on Nov. 2. Your wait is almost over. Almost.

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Heh, I can see into the future! And I can see some statistics pouring in!

Percentage of Boss 302 track keys used for purposes other than on race tracks? 95%