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California Couple Says They Slept Through A Car Crashing Into Their House

Illustration for article titled California Couple Says They Slept Through A Car Crashing Into Their House
Screenshot: ABC7

While most of us almost compulsively check our fitness trackers every morning before work to see just how poorly we slept, a California couple said they didn’t even wake up when a Honda Civic catapulted into their house early on Tuesday morning. They even said they left their house that day without noticing it.


San Francisco station ABC7 reports that the car, which looks like a 2004 or 2005 Civic, crashed into a house in Hayward, California around 2 a.m. Tuesday, after investigators say the driver lost control, hit a guardrail and flew about 30 feet. The station got aerial shots of the house, which show the car both sitting on the roof and crashed through a wall. ABC7 has video of it all here.

And apparently, homeowner Earl Mowry and his wife, whom ABC7 didn’t name in the story, never knew it happened. The neighbors didn’t notice the car until the sun came up, and the two homeowners didn’t notice it at all since it was partially poking through a detached family room in the house. From ABC7:

“Didn’t even see this, didn’t even know it happened,” homeowner Earl Mowry said. He and his wife said they slept right through the crash. They left their house Tuesday morning without realizing the car was partially inside their detached family room. “He must have flown through the air because there’s no marks on the road or on the grass,” Mowry said.


ABC7 reports that the Civic driver left the scene after catapulting into the house, which seems like a real feat on its own considering that the car was on a roof, so investigators are treating it as a (very, very weird) hit and run.

Now that they’ve noticed the damage to their home, Mowry and his wife told ABC7 they just hope insurance will cover the cost to fix it all. From the story:

Despite the extensive damage to part of the home, the Mowry’s are grateful nobody was injured.

“If it was Easter Sunday, it would have been a problem,” Mowry said. “We had the kids out here playing ping pong and watching TV, but normally we don’t have many people out here.”

With this and the Civic that cooled off itself and two passengers in a pool at an apartment complex recently, it’s been an interesting week for Honda Civics in residential areas. Here’s hoping yours doesn’t get any wild ideas.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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I will literally never understand leaving the scene... the car is linked to you in like 3 different ways... plus now you have a charge of leaving the scene of an accident, hit and run, and what ever else they want to slap on you.