Sick and tired of seeing under-experienced drivers crashing their exotic supercars, Orange County Race-Craft Driving School is offering a couple free days of training next weekend for supercar owners who don't know the difference between traction control and control arms.

After an 18-year-old in a Ferrari crashed within 200 yards of Nathan and Hallie Swartzbaugh's parents California home, they decided to work with their partner in the Orange County Race-Craft Driving School to offer supercar owners free training so they can properly learn the limits of their cars. The classes will be offered next Friday and Saturday January 15th and 16th at their facility on the decommissioned El Toro runway. They'll be teaching drivers how their cars perform with and without traction control on, and proper driving techniques.

Finally, someone is really doing something to save the Enzos. [ OCRegister]

Photo credit Getty Images