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Calais To Prague In £150 Cars: The Czech Wrecks Rally

Illustration for article titled Calais To Prague In £150 Cars: The Czech Wrecks Rally

Driving $500 cars from New York to New Orleans sounds like fun, but those BABE Rally guys must be made of money! How about 1,500 miles in cars that cost £150 (about $247)?


My requests to have the Gawker Overlords pay my way to France and fund the Team Jalopnik Humber Sceptre have met with stony silence from Gawker HQ, so I won't be participating in StreetSafari's 2009 Czech Wrecks Rally this year. The lineup includes Rovers, Skodas, Renaults- in fact, all the European counterparts to the '85 Olds Cutlass Ciera will be there! I'm sure we'll get some photos to share from the participants later on; for now, here are some shots from the '08 event:

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Murilee, I'm gonna start a fund for that.