Cadillac's New DTS, Bye Bye D'Ville

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If Poison guitarist, CC D'Ville followed Cadillac's lead, he'd have to change his stage name to "CC DTS," which doesn't quite have the same, how you say, savoir faire. Of course, the glam-blond former Brooklynite probably isn't losing any sleep, considering his "Cadillac Coupe D'Ville" moniker is safe in the trophy case of automotive history, even as Cadillac has now taken its entire line d'lux into the LAA (Luxury Acronym Age).

It's no big deal, since we've been referring to Cadillac's full-sized sedan as "DTS" for nigh on a half-decade now. Frankly, "D'Ville" should have been put to bed years ago, considering it implies a level of beau-artes sophistication Cadillacs have been lacking for at least four decades. Mais, je m' carte.

GM has released official photos of its 2006 Cadillac DTS. Having exized any remnants of Frenchness from the largest Caddy's name, it's also edged the DTS just a scooch closer to the angularity of its CTS and STS siblings. Still, the updates are evolutionary enough so not to alienate Grandpa, which, when it comes to the DTS, is all that really matters.


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