Cadillac Is Planning A Hatchback Based On The Chevy Cruze: Report [UPDATE: No]

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When I hear “Cadillac,” I think “fintails,” or “BMW,” or maybe even “CVS Pharmacy.” I don’t think “compact hatchback.” But if a report that the American luxury brand is planning such a thing is true, perhaps I should. UPDATE

UPDATE: A GM spokesperson reached out to strongly deny that the company was planning on anything like a Cruze-derived hatchback for Cadillac. Usually companies are pretty coy about this sort of thing, so consider this one dead until further notice. The original post follows below.

According to “sources” from GM speaking to AutoGuide, Cadillac is currently working on a compact hatchback to rival the Mercedes CLA in the entry-level luxury compact market, and they’re going to do it on a “refined” Delta platform which currently carries the Chevy Cruze.


From AutoGuide:

Based on what sources are sending our way, it looks like General Motors is planning exactly that, a premium vehicle based on the new D2XX platform. Internal program code D2JL has shown up inside the Renn Center – D indicating Delta, 2 indicating evolution or generation number, J indicating hatch and L indicating Cadillac.

It’s also reported that the baby Cadillac will come with 1.5 and 2.0 liter turbo options mated to an 8-speed transmission at a “$6,000 to $9,000 premium” over the Cruze.

For now it’s just “sources” and “reports” with no time-frame given, but Cadillac has been sparring with its German luxury rivals at every other level of the market, so a compact entry-level something fits the bill.


I highly doubt it would arrive as a real 5-door hatchback, and instead be, as AutoGuide points out, some sort of lift-back design to keep the sedan-loving Americans interested. Though, the new Cruze does come with a 5-door option, so we’ll see.