Cadillac CTS Sport Gets Autonet WiFi Internet Access

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Cadillac must have been really impressed by our use of the Autonet Mobile system because they'll be adding it to their best-selling CTS Sport Sedan in April, giving passengers, and naughty drivers, internet access.

This isn't the first automaker to add Autonet Mobile access to their repertoire of available services, but it is the first time GM's done it. Here's the full press release:

Hot Car, Hot Spot: Cadillac CTS Adds WiFi System

DETROIT – Cadillac will offer wireless internet access for its best-selling model, adding a new dimension to the passenger experience. Cadillac Wi-Fi by Autonet Mobile comes to the CTS Sport Sedan in April, giving passengers full internet access in and around the car via their laptop or WiFi device.

The launch of Cadillac WiFi by Autonet Mobile will begin with live demonstrations at the New York International Auto Show April 10-19.

"Consumers today are frequently searching for WiFi access wherever they may be," said Mark McNabb, North America Vice President, Cadillac. "Adding WiFi is a natural extension of the tech features already inside the CTS, such as a 40 gigabyte hard drive with USB port, a pop-up navigation system featuring real-time traffic and weather forecasts and the exclusive ability to pause and rewind live radio."

Cadillac WiFi uses technology from Autonet Mobile, the world's first Internet Service Provider designed exclusively for cars. Cadillac WiFi by Autonet Mobile turns the car into a WiFi hotspot and works with any operating system supporting any Wi-Fi enabled device. It delivers an easy-to-use and seamless internet experience, with 3G mobile technology that maintains internet connections while the car is in motion. The system can support several devices at once, enabling one passenger to update a Facebook page, while another is gaming online or watching YouTube videos, for example.

Designed for use by passengers, the system requires no special software and achieves speeds up to 800Kbps. The dealer-installed option will retail for $499, with a monthly service subscription of $29.

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About Autonet Mobile

Autonet Mobile is the world's first in-car internet service provider. Founded by a corporate executive and former race car driver and a leading network architect and designer, the company is dedicated to enhancing the in-car experience by bringing the internet into cars. For more information visit

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Actually, this is of practical use. CTS's are a good company car that can be used to pick people up at airports, ride them around town or suchlike. Let's say you are a realtor, for instance. You drive the clients around, give them a nice MacBook in the back seat, and load the MLS on the laptop as you cruise the neighborhoods. Or you are a manufacturer bringing a client from their international flight to the hotel for a conference, but they want to hit the gym. You call up the conference schedule online to check how much time you have, then find the closest gym to the hotel, and book a post-workout massage for them before the big presentation that night. All at a much cheaper rate than the phone companies charge for their wireless. The innerweb tubes can be used for actual work occasionally. Not that people should make that a habit or anything...