​Cadillac CT6 Is A Plug-In Hybrid With Streaming Video Interior Mirror

GM president Mark Reuss is showing off a host of new products to investors today, including the long-awaited Cadillac flagship. Details of the CT6 are beginning to trickle out and that includes a 0-60 time of under six seconds, a plug-in hybrid drivetrain, and an interior mirror that displays streaming video of the rear camera feed.


Several outlets are covering today's shindig where GM is showing off the redesigned Camaro, Cruz, Malibu, Equinox, Volt, and the all-new Cadillac CT6.

Reuss says the Caddy flagship, "will be the most advanced vehicle technologically in the world," which is a bold claim considering everything on offer from Tesla to McLaren. To back that up, the CT6 will pack a plug-in hybrid drivetrain good for 75 MPH on electric power alone and will include the aforementioned rear-view mirror system.


Audi did the same thing with the R8 etron, most of the LMP1 cars at Le Mans have adopted similar systems, and Nissan has thing thing. However, replacing the interior mirror with a video feed isn't legal in the U.S., as federal law explicitly requires a "mirror" to be fitted. It's unclear if the CT6 GM is showing off is a concept or a production model. We're going with the former unless GM is prepared to do some serious lobbying.

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